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10 Tips For Expanding Your Business To Abu Dhabi Or Dubai

12th September 2019 Following are our top 10 tips for expanding your business to the UAE, be it Abu Dhabi or Dubai.  Taking some time in advance to research the market, plan your...

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How To Choose The Best Local Sponsor For Your Business

4th September 2019 Engaging a local sponsor can be daunting and shouldn’t been undertaken lightly, so here are eight questions to help you choose the best local sponsor for your business in Abu...

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Do you need a freelancer permit or a business license in the UAE?

30th August 2019 Entrepreneurs are always looking for the cheapest license to be provide their service legally, but is a freelancer permit the most suitable? It is a waste of money investing in...

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New foreign branches in Abu Dhabi must declare more info

21st August 2019 New foreign branches in Abu Dhabi are now required to declare more information to the Ministry of Economy during their registration. Its essential to be aware of this before starting...

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Strike while the irons hot. Business opportunities in Abu Dhabi.

17th August 2018 Now is the time to strike whilst the iron is hot and identify and take advantage of the huge business opportunities being announced in Abu Dhabi. Get in first for...

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