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Abu Dhabi Companies Renew Your Corporate PO BOX Now

9th January 2019, Updated 7th march 2019 ***BREAKING NEWS***Companies now have until 31st March 2019 to renew their PO BOX without being penalised for late renewal. See below for details on how to...

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UAE Public Holidays 2019 & 2020 (& School Holidays 2019)

2nd January 2019, Updated 6th March 2019 To help with planning your business trips to Abu Dhabi and doing business in the UAE during 2019 please see below a list of the anticipated...

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Entrepreneurs & Freelancers: Start Your Abu Dhabi Business Without An Office

17th December 2018, Updated 6th March 2019 Entrepreneurs and freelancers can now start a business in Abu Dhabi and a commercial premise is not required!  This is part of the Abu Dhabi government’s...

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How To Calculate The Cost Of Work Permits When Processing Visas in Abu Dhabi

6th November 2018 Calculating the cost of work permits is a crucial part of calculating the total cost of an expat employee`s visa in Abu Dhabi. Work Permits are now linked to a...

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Abu Dhabi Conference & Trade Show Guide 2019

 11th December 2018 To help the planning of your business trips to Abu Dhabi during 2019, please find below a list of exhibitions, trade shows and conferences which have been announced to date.   January...

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