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How to setup a business in Abu Dhabi

  25th November 2014 If you are successfully running a business and looking to expand into Abu Dhabi, be aware that you can’t just arrive and start doing business. You need to legally set up...

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5 Tips for Visiting the Notary Public in Abu Dhabi

3rd November 2014 A Notary Public is responsible for legalizing the corporate documents during a company formation. It’s a key part in the process and if not approached correctly could waste lots of...

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How to choose a local partner

16th September 2014 When setting up a business, you probably expect to own it 100% outright and have complete operational and financial control.  Would you even consider setting up a business and giving...

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What comes first, company setup or winning a contract?

15th September 2014 It is illegal to trade or operate in Abu Dhabi without a Commercial License.  However, one of the most common things I hear from people keen to expand into the UAE,...

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How to protect your investment in an Abu Dhabi LLC

  15th September 2014 Setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Abu Dhabi, as the foreign party, you can only hold a maximum share of 49%.  The remaining 51% share is required...

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