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UAE visa insurance scheme

Updated 11th December 2019 (Originally published 16th October 2018) Effective 15th October 2018, the UAE’s new visa insurance scheme was launched. Will it be better for you business’ cash flow?  How can you reclaim existing bank guarantees already deposited? This article aims to answer the questions about the UAE’s new...

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How to Set Up an Oil & Gas Company in Abu Dhabi 2018

15th October 2018 To setup an oil and gas company in Abu Dhabi its necessary to consider the following: Knowledge of the Abu Dhabi oil and gas market What are the opportunities in Abu Dhabi? What are the requirements to work directly with ADNOC? How to set up a company...

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How to Calculate Gratuity in Abu Dhabi (End of Service Benefit)

13th October 2018 Calculating gratuity in Abu Dhabi  often causes confusion. How do you calculate gratuity? How much gratuity is the employee entitled to? What is Gratuity in Abu Dhabi? Gratuity is also known as End of Service Benefit or EOSB. Most expats working in Abu Dhabi aren’t provided with...

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UAE visa bank guarantee to be abolished saving employers thousands

11th October 2018 Effective 15th October 2018, UAE companies applying for staff visas will no longer be required to deposit a visa bank guarantee of AED3,000.  This is part of the government’s plans to boost the economy and a significant overhaul of the UAE’s visa system. The current UAE visa...

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Classification registration to change in Abu Dhabi for construction & engineering companies in 2019

7th October 2018 Classification registration in Abu Dhabi is due to change in March 2019. The change will affect construction and engineering companies working directly on government projects in Abu Dhabi. What is Classification registration in Abu Dhabi? Classification registration is for contractors and consultants in Abu Dhabi.  Classification ensures...

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