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Local Sponsorship

Operating onshore in Abu Dhabi currently requires a local partner.  For Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) a local sponsor is required to hold 51% of the shares.  For Foreign Branches, a service agent is required and whilst they don’t have any ownership, they facilitate the registration and assist with government liaison.

As a foreign company entering a new market, how would you identify and appoint a suitable local partner? Have you considered the risks for your organisation and how to mitigate them? What could be the implications of appointing the wrong partner for your business? Identifying the right partner is essential for the smooth operation of your business.  It can avoid unnecessary delays and difficulties further down the line, which could have a financial and compliance impact on your business.

Gateway helps to mitigate potential impacts on your business. We provide a corporate sponsorship service which:

  • Ensures your ability to maintain full control of the company, including the management, finances and personnel.
  • Benefits from the Western-management with full signatory powers, thus limiting communication barriers and ensuring timely review and availability for signing of documents.
  • Secures your profits 100%.
  • Provides peace of mind of a structured agreement, thus removing any emotional attachment.
  • Addresses business continuity during such time of succession, rather than a period of uncertainty in a situation where an individual sponsor’s beneficiaries inherit and decide what to do with their shares of the estate.
  • Provides a clear termination strategy of three months, avoiding potential exit fees and timely negotiations.
  • Benefits from a corporate sponsor with both partners highly experienced in Classification, one of whom is an Emirati engineer and will thus fully understand your business requirements for registration
  • Provides assurance for oil and gas companies wishing to work directly with ADNOC as Gateway is Supreme Petroleum Council-approved, which means that we meet the local partner requirements
  • Provides assurance for the protection of your confidential documents as Gateway operates a quality management system in line with the ISO:9001-2015 guidelines because we are committed to providing a consistent quality service and secure document control.

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