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Onshore Company Formation

Every company doing business in Abu Dhabi is required to have a Commercial License (Trade License). The license reflects the scope of activities of the company. It is renewable annually. A local sponsor or service agent is currently required.

The Process




Initial Consultation


Bespoke Business Setup Plan & Proposal

(AED1,500, deductible from the business setup costs)


Client engages Gateway


Gateway manages the business setup


Trade License issue

Initially, we will understand your intended scope of activities, who you intend to do business with, and your long term goals. This helps us identify the most appropriate jurisdiction for your business, as well as the right legal structure.

The setup process involves organising the ownership documents, which will need to be legally translated into Arabic. Applications will need to be made at various government departments.Commercial premises will need to be leased and furnished, as well as signage being arranged.What would be the impact of the speed of building your connections in Abu Dhabi and developing your new business if you didn’t have to spend time sourcing suppliers, finding out document requirements and processes, navigating government departments and organising applications, often in Arabic?

Consider the time and the cost saving if you engaged a local expert to manage the whole process for you. Gateway shares information so foreign companies can mitigate risks they might not be familiar with when setting up a business in a foreign country.

We also remove the uncertainty associated with establishing a company in a foreign country by ensuring thorough communications and demonstrating our experience and expertise.

Get the business setup in Abu Dhabi that is right for your business, not the sales consultant’s quota.

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