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Visas & Emirates ID

Every person living in the UAE is required to have a visa, health insurance and Emirates ID card.

During the process to arrange these, it is necessary for the applicant to attend:

Medical Screening

  • Blood Test (screening for HIV)
  • X-Ray (screening for pulmonary tuberculosis)

Emirates ID Centre (to register for the card, if not previously held one)

  • Fingerprints
  • Eye Scan

Have you considered what the operational impact would be for your business if you didn’t have your staff visa’d in a timely manner? What would the cost implications be if fines are incurred as a result of not fully understanding the timescales associated with the process? Processing visas can be emotional and distracting for staff members if they are bringing their families to the UAE or travelling around the time of the visa being required – how would this affect the efficiency of your own business?

Gateway’s concierge service provides an efficient, hands-on approach for processing visas. Our experienced staff proactively manage the process and accompany our clients to the medical screening.

Our business relationships ensure a speedy service and preferential rates.

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