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How to start a training company in Abu Dhabi

3rd December 2014

Providing training services in Abu Dhabi requires approval of courses, staff and premises. It is an administratively intense process, with various application forms and a detailed business plan to complete. It even requires interviews with the owners and staff. The purpose of the rigorous approvals is to ensure the Abu Dhabi authorities can effectively regulate the technical and vocational courses provided within the Emirate to provide assurance of quality, as well as to license the trainers and tutors.

Companies intending to provide training within Abu Dhabi are required to meet a number of criteria including physical resources, such as a suitable training centre, equipment and materials; and, human resources, such as sufficiently qualified and experienced training staff.

The specific approvals required for training centres are carried out during the incorporation of the training company and this can take some time.

An overview of the process to set up a training company in Abu Dhabi

Firstly, it will be necessary to Register the Trade Name  with the Department of Economic Development (DED). Then the Abu Dhabi approving body for vocational and technical training, ACTVET, will review your documents, inspect your training facility and conduct interviews with the Owners/Directors. Once ACTVET is satisfied, the standard process to the complete the setting up of the Trade License can be completed.  Upon receipt of the Trade License, ACTVET will issue its own license, and, only at that point are you considered a Licensed Education Training Provider (LETP) and your business can start to operate.

 What are the costs to set up a training company in Abu Dhabi?

There are various costs to start a training company in Abu Dhabi, including the following:

  • License fees (government and ACTVET)
  • PRO incorporation services to set up the company
  • Disbursement costs (typing, legal translations, notary public fees, company stamps etc…)
  • Local sponsor fees
  • Legal fees
  • Lease for training centre premises and potential fitout costs
  • Visas for staff

What documents will be required to set up a training centre in Abu Dhabi?

Original as well as scanned copies of the following will be required by ACTVET, as a minimum:

  • Trade Name Reservation Certificate from DED – in order to start the ACTVET approval process. (The DED Commercial License will be required at the end of the process in order for ACTVET to issue its own license.)
  • Sample of logo
  • Sample of course certificate
  • Completed business plan (this should include sections relating the Strategy; Financial Analysis; Market Analysis; Learning Resources Analysis; and, Health, Safety & Welfare)
  • Attested qualifications for owners and staff, with supporting CV of experience
  • Certificate of Good Conduct for owners and staff
  • Lease agreement and floor plan (minimum 100m squared)
  • Specific owner and staff documentation, including passports, passport photos, employment contracts, Family Books (if Emirati Nationals), Emirates IDs and visas (if staff are neither Emirati nor GCC Nationals).

How to provide training courses in hotels in Abu Dhabi?

For training specialists wanting to deliver a course in a hotel in Abu Dhabi; firstly, they will need to be fully licensed; then, they will need to submit a special application, supply various documents and obtain approval from the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority.

 The approvals to set up a training company in Abu Dhabi are often a deterrent for foreign companies, does this mean there are more opportunities for those that do go through the process to get properly licensed? 


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