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Trade Name tips in Abu Dhabi

15th September 2014

A Trade Name is very important as it reflects what your business does.  Securing the right trade name for your business is one of the first steps in setting up a business in Abu Dhabi.  For a Foreign Branch entity, the name must mirror that of the of the parent company.  However, for a Limited Liability Company (LLC), the name must specify the activity of the company.

Below are seven points to be aware of when choosing the name for your new business in Abu Dhabi:

1)      The name must not already be in use or have previously been registered.

2)      The name must reflect what the company actually does and directly reference at least one of the activities on the Trade License.

3)      International references come with premium fees, such as using the words ‘Global’, 'International’ or ‘Middle East’ in the name.

4)      A Foreign Branch Office or Representative Office must have exactly the same name as the parent company.

5)      Then name should not include any religious references

6)      The name should not include any made-up words that have no meaning

7)      Choose two or three alternative names when making the application for the Trade Name Reservation, in order of preference in case your preferred name is already taken or rejected for some reason.

For assistance with your company formation in Abu Dhabi, please contact the Gateway Group of Companies: info@GatewayToAbuDhabi.com  We can assist you in understanding how to set up a company, whether to be onshore or in a freezone, understanding the risks and how to mitigate them, highlight the costs involved, identify the ongoing regulatory requirements and even manage your incorporation.  Upon completion of your business setup, we can even process your visas for you.

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Need help to setup your Abu Dhabi business?  Let Gateway Group of Companies manage the incorporation process for you.  Email us at: info@GatewayToAbuDhabi.com

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